Traffic Division

The Traffic Bureau’s primary purpose is the reduction of traffic accidents on the streets of Buena Park. This is an important role because many more people are killed or injured in traffic collisions than are in violent crimes. The Traffic Bureau accomplishes this goal by:

  • Stopping and citing or warning traffic violators
  • Conducting driver-safety campaigns such as:
    • "Click-it or Ticket" to encourage the use of seatbelts
    • "Distracted Driver" enforcement to discourage cell phone use while driving
    • DUI Checkpoints to educate the public about the dangers of drinking and driving
    • School Safety programs to help educate school-age children about the dangers vehicles can present
    • “Watch 4 Cars!” campaign to educate and prevent accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Conducting directed-patrol in high-accident areas
  • Conducting special enforcement details to combat Driving Under the Influence (DUI) incidents


The second responsibility of the Traffic Bureau is to investigate collisions and determine the cause(s) based upon statements and evidence. All Traffic Bureau officers have received extensive training on the investigation of accidents. They have the ability to recreate major traffic accident scenes and are often the experts relied upon in civil court or criminal court proceedings resulting from traffic accidents.

The Traffic Bureau is managed by Police Lieutenant Kevin Shea and supervised by Police Sergeant Roger Powell. The sergeant is responsible for supervising the sworn and civilian personnel that comprise the Traffic Bureau, compiling statistical information, approving traffic collision reports, managing grant programs, and striving to improve the function and efficiency of the Traffic Bureau.

The Traffic Bureau is comprised of two units – the Enforcement Unit and the Safety Unit. Sworn police officers riding police motorcycles, as well as the DUI enforcement officer, staff the Enforcement Unit. The Safety Unit is comprised a civilian Police Service Officer (PSO) whose primary duty is to investigate traffic accidents, and two Parking Control Specialists.

One police clerk supports the Traffic Bureau by providing logistical support. The City of Buena Park contracts out for the duties in which crossing guards are posted throughout the City near the elementary schools to assist children crossing the streets before and after school.

Contact Numbers:

Traffic Bureau 
(714) 562-3940 or (714) 562-3941