The Buena Park City Jail is a “type one jail” facility as defined by the California Corrections Standards Authority.  The jail can house male and female adult inmates until they are released or arraigned before a magistrate.  The inmates are supervised by jailers while lodged in the facility.  The jail provides an invaluable benefit for officers and detectives to efficiently book and/or lodge arrests without having to use the Orange County Jail Facility in Santa Ana.      

Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. daily.  The inmate is authorized only one visitor per day, not including the inmate’s bondsman, attorney, clergy or physician. 

Visitor requirements:
  • Must possess and present government-issued identification, such as a California Driver’s License 
  • Visitor cannot be related to the arresting incident
  • Visitor must be clear of any wants or warrants

Contact Number:  (714) 562-3939

For information on how to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment please click here.

Note:  If the inmate is not housed at the Buena Park City Jail, please click here to check who is currently in custody at the Orange County Jail.