Alarm/ RV Permits

 Alarm Permits

Each business and residence that is equipped with an alarm system is required to obtain an alarm permit through the Police Department.  Alarm permits are obtained by contacting the Crime Prevention Unit.  The annual fee for an alarm permit is as follows: 

    • Residential $75
    • Business $175
    • Government Building $100
    • Senior Citizen - No charge with age verification of 65 yrs or older 

Any audible alarm system, whether or not it is connected to an alarm company, requires a permit.  Anyone without an alarm permit, an expired permit or invalid permit, will be subject to an administrative citation and the applicable fees associated with such citation.

To obtain an alarm permit, please click here or contact Nadia Semaan in the Crime Prevention Unit, at (714) 562-3993 or Further information regarding the City’s Alarm Permit Municipal Code may be viewed on the City’s website at under Buena Park Municipal Code 5.08.030.

RV Permits

Parking of recreational vehicles, unattached trailers and oversized vehicles requires an “RV permit” which must be obtained through the Police Department.  Residents must contact the Police Department to obtain either a loading or unloading permit (valid for two days) or a visitor’s permit (valid for seven days). 

The two-day loading or unloading RV permit will be issued to City residents needing to park their motor home, recreational vehicle, trailer, etc. in front of their home to pack or prepare for a trip.  The vehicle must be parked on the street in the street in front of the owner’s home.  The two-day RV permits can be obtained over the phone by contacting the Buena Park Police Department directly at (714) 562-3902.

The seven-day visitor’s RV permit is issued to out of town guests visiting a residence in Buena Park.  The permit is, of course, valid for seven consecutive days, and the vehicle must be parked on the street in front of the home being visited.  A maximum of six permits are allowed per household, per year.  To obtain these permits please come to the front counter of the Police Department, as seven day permits cannot be issued over the phone. 

The following information will be required in order to obtain either type of RV permit:

  • Homeowner’s name, address and phone number
  • Vehicle owner’s name, address and contact number for the seven day visitor’s RV permit
  • Vehicle color, year, make and model
  • Vehicle license plate number

Further information regarding the City’s RV Permit Municipal Code may be viewed at: under Buena Park Municipal Code 10.24.040. 


Vendor Permits

Vendor permits are the only permits issued directly through the Police Department; all other permits are issued through the Finance Department at Buena Park City Hall.  For new and renewal vendor permits, contact Nadia Semaan in the Crime Prevention Unit at (714) 562-3993 or