Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Unit, which is sometimes referred to as Internal Affairs, is staffed by one Sergeant, and an administrative assistant who report directly to the Chief of Police.  Currently Sergeant Frank Nunes is the Professional Standards Sergeant. 

Professional Standards handles all citizen complaints as well as any administrative disciplinary investigations involving Police Department personnel.    Employees of the Buena Park Police Department are carefully selected, vastly trained and serve our Community with a high level of integrity; however, as in any large industry, divergence from exceptional performance may come about.  At which point, all complaints received are thoroughly and objectively investigated.  A final report is then presented to the Chief of Police for review, and any appropriate action is taken.

Additionally, the Professional Standards Unit also investigates all civil claims involving the Police Department.  Working closely with the City Attorney’s Office, the Professional Standards Unit Sergeant investigates each claim before preparing reports for review to determine any potential liability.

The Professional Standards Sergeant is also responsible for recruiting and hiring both sworn and civilian personnel within the Police Department.  The unit first reviews the applications of prospective employees, and then invites qualified candidates to participate in the hiring process.  Upon successful completion of the interview, and any prerequisite testing, potential employees must next pass an extensive background check.  From there, most applicants are required to successfully complete a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, and undergo a complete medical screening before being hired.  The hiring process begins with the City’s Human Resources Department.  For further information regarding job opportunities within the Police Department, you may visit the City’s website

Furthermore, the Professional Standards Sergeant oversees the Training Bureau.  The duties are maintained by the Professional Standards Sergeant to ensure proper training of police personnel as well as verify our personnel is serving our Community with a pride of professionalism.

The Training Bureau is tasked with maintaining required levels of proficiency for all sworn and civilian personnel as mandated by the California Department of Justice (DOJ), the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), and the Standards and Training for Corrections (STC).  As a team, the Training Bureau takes great pride in being able to far exceed the minimum requirements of providing training to police department personnel.

Contact Information:
Professional Standards  
Sergeant Frank Nunes               (714) 562-3913 or 
Training Bureau                          (714) 562-3992 or (714) 562-3991
Human Resources                      (714) 562-3515
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