The Records Bureau consists of one Records Supervisor and six full-time Police Records Clerks.  The Records Bureau operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.  Our Clerks are responsible for the maintenance of confidential police records, the operation of specialized teletype systems and multiple other law enforcement systems.  In addition to assisting the public as needed, the Police Clerks assist fellow law enforcement agencies with their requests, search female arrestees, and assist Officers in the transportation of female arrestees. There are occasions when Police Clerks care for infants and young children of arrestees.

Police Clerks prepare police reports for public release, clearance letters, criminal history checks, as well as type, distribute and file all necessary paperwork to the court system.  They work closely with District Attorneys and our own Detectives. Records staff utilizes a records management system that ensures statistical crime and arrest data is properly reported on a monthly basis to the Bureau of Criminal Statistics and the FBI.   

Additionally, Police Clerks process stolen, stored, and recovered vehicles.  They also process repossessed vehicle and private party vehicle impounds. 

The Records Bureau should be contacted to report vehicle repossessions, private party impounds, obtain stored vehicle information, and for clearance letters.

Contact Numbers:

Records Bureau

 (714) 562-3925

Bureau Fax

 (714) 523-2911