K9 and Mounted Unit

Oscar and Juno

K9 Team
Our department currently has two police service dogs.  Our K-9s live with their handlers at home with their family which helps strengthen the bond between handler and dog.  Handlers are responsible for the day to day feeding, exercise, medical care, training, and socializing of the dog with family and the community.

Buena Park’s K-9 Teams are not only used to locate criminal offenders but also are for educating the community about various uses of the police service dogs.  The K-9 Teams are often called upon to locate hidden narcotics and help locate evidence discarded by suspects.  They also perform demonstrations for the public schools and many other community events throughout the year.

Officer Boyer is the handler for K-9 Adam and Officer Gonzalez is the handler for K-9 Juno.  Both of our K-9s are Belgian Malinois.

Mounted Enforcement UnitDSC_0337_G
Our mounted unit currently consists of three officers and a sergeant.  Our officers purchase the horses themselves and are responsible for their housing and upkeep.  The unit has been utilized in a variety of city functions such as large crowd management, annual open house, Cops and Goblins, Silverado Days, and Knott’s Scary Farm.  They are also part of a county wide team, the Orange County Regional Mounted Enforcement Unit, that comes together for larger events in Orange County.