Community Impact Team

The Community Impact Team, also known as C.I.T., provides the Department with the ability to address quality of life issues, emerging crime trends and problem areas in the Community.  The individuals selected for this team are highly motivated and have demonstrated a proactive approach to problem solving and preventing crime.
C.I.T. allows the Department to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting Patrol officers from responding to calls for service.  Our Crime Analysis Unit provides this team with daily criminal informational data that can effectively and efficiently deal with Community problems.  With our limited resources and emerging crime trends, it is a priority to dedicate resources to this type of special enforcement.
 This multifaceted team also targets large and small quantity dealers of illicit narcotics, prostitution and enforces gambling and liquor laws.  C.I.T. may use traditional law enforcement methods in reducing the crimes and trends; however, many times they coordinate efforts with other cities, county, state, federal government agencies, private businesses and charities to create non-law enforcement solutions in reducing crimes. 
Additionally, C.I.T. works closely with the City’s Code Enforcement Department.  The joint effort is known as the Neighborhood Improvement Task Force. It maintains and improves the City's neighborhoods and housing stock through the enforcement of property maintenance and zoning ordinances, building and health and safety codes. The division is responsible for proactive property inspections, code enforcement inquiries, citizen complaints, responses, legal proceedings, and the development and implementation of abatement procedures/programs to address problem areas within the City impacted by high crime and property deterioration. The Neighborhood Improvement Program and Task Force has been successful in identifying and cleaning up many blighted buildings in low and moderate income areas.
The philosophy of the Community Impact Team is to address quality of life issues and crime reduction through highly proactive policing, using crime analysis data and directed enforcement following creative problem oriented policing strategies.  The team’s goal is to improve the safety and quality of life in the Buena Park Community.
Neighborhood Improvement Task Force Mission Statement:
Under the direction of the City Council, a multi-department Task Force will develop and implement strategies designed to conserve quality of hotel and motel accommodations, to improve commercial and private property values and appearance, reduce crime and blight, and to limit the deterioration of housing stock through cooperation and enforcement between owners and the City.

Contact Numbers:   
C.I.T. Team  (714) 562-3984 
City Code Enforcement  (714) 562-3642