Thoughts and Remembrances In Memory of
Corporal Tyler Pinchot 

Though years and miles have separated me from BPPD I still think of you often with great memories. That was and is my favorite job.....court liaison for BPPD. I miss you all. You may not have known this butTylertook me on my first ride along. He was driving along and stopped suddenly. He said "where are we?" I said I don't know. He explained how important it was at all times to know where I was even as a ride along. He continued on, stopped suddenly again and said where are we. I said OK, Tyler, I don't know the name of the street for there was no sign but we are alongside the railroad tracks, east ofBuena   Park Blvd.He said, what was the name of the street. I said again, no was no sign. We bet a coke and he turned around and went back only to find that the sign had been taken down. I won and he bought me a coke. He was a great guy and so many of theBuena Parkpolice officers were.

I miss you guys.
Sue Butcher,Michigan 


There are times in life when we are blind-sided by unexpected curves and heartache. Events that are not only disorienting, but hurt so deeply within us, it is difficult to describe the pain. This is one of those times for every person that was lucky enough to have known and loved Tyler Pinchot. 

In Isaiah 43:2 God’s Word promises, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.” Many times already, I have found this promise to be true. As I attempt to share the message of my heart in a final tribute to my friend, I am assured that God is with each of us as we pass through these waters of our grief. 

Tyler, dear one, 

It’s your old friend, the Texas Lady here. During the sixteen years that I you and I worked together, there were so many different times that you blessed my life in a special way. I wish I could remind you of every single one of them, thank you one more time, and receive another one of your wonderful hugs. Sharing some of my favorites, I will continue to hold them close in my heart until that happy day when I can say thanks again…in person. 

Thank you for the many times that I brought a small grandson to the PD, and after giving a big high five, and a Jr. Police badge, you carried them to your motorcycle, put your helmet on their little heads, and took a photo, making a 4 or 5 year old feel pretty important. Being the grandmother of ten grandsons…and four granddaughters, this happened many, many times. And you were always the same…warm, friendly, caring…a perfect example of what law enforcement really is about. Now, most of these little ones are teenagers or older, and each one has great respect for police personnel. Thanks for that positive image. 

Thank you for the time that you came into my office in July of 1996, asking if any of my grandchildren might want a baby rabbit. Later that same day, Collin (6 yrs.) and Laura (3 yrs.) went to your home and became the proud new owners of “Lucky.” The next day you asked how “Lucky” was doing. I told you that as they were driving away from your house, they noticed that “Lucky” was looking back over Collin’s shoulder. When I shared with you that Collin announced that “Lucky” was already missing his Mommie, brothers and sisters, and was looking at them for the last time, big tears welled up in your eyes and ran down your cheeks. With true emotion and compassion, you said that now you knew “Lucky” had found a good home and with the right family. Gen. Schwarzkopf made the statement that he was afraid of a man who could not cry. I have seen many men cry. But when tears came into your eyes over a small boy and a baby rabbit, I saw a glimpse of the beautiful soul that was within your big heart. Your love for everything and everyone, large or small, was evident in the way you lived your life. What a gift you so freely gave to all of us. 

Thank you for the time that you offered to take a painfully shy, 17 yr. old grandson, on a ride-along in order for him to complete a Senior class project. Eli was so overwhelmed and intimidated by being in a real police car with a real live policeman, that he was literally speechless the entire day. What a long watch that must have been for you!! And as usual, you were the perfect gentleman, taking it in stride as “all in a days’ work.” 

Last, because it is the hardest, yet the most important…is my biggest debt of gratitude…that being your Christian compassion and sympathy when our Peggy was killed in August of 1984. Even though you did not know me well at that time, your love and support were heartfelt and genuine just the same. The outpouring of caring and kindness at that tragic time for our family, has altered and strengthened the course of my life. I consider it a privilege to reach out to newly bereaved parents in the same spirit that you reached out to me. I will forever be grateful to you. 

Tyler, although I know that Heaven is a sweeter place because so many of our precious ones are at Home there, I’m not ready to think of you as ‘gone.’ In Jeremiah 31:13, God says that HE will turn our mourning into joy…Godspeed that day for each of us. In my heart, you will never be ‘gone.’ You have impacted my life, and the lives of so many in such a beautiful way. You cannot possibly be ‘gone.’ The simple beauty of this Native American Prayer has shown me a way to honor you and keep your memory alive forever. 

Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I give you this one thought to keep-

I am with you still- I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on snow,

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush,

I am the swift, uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone-

I am with you still-in each new dawn.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there. I did not die.


Loving and RememberingTyler,

Joyce Floyd, #521

“The TexasLady”

retired - 2/99



In the 70's when you and I first met, we were both still in high school and our friendship grew. I remember we would have long talks about what we wanted to become and where we wanted to go. You liked football and I played baseball, but we always came back to one thing, becoming a cop. I remember being at your house with "Mom & Dad" and feeling like I had another home.
Having another family was always fun, and having Michael, Darren, Tracy, Becky and Leslie as brothers and sisters was a treat. I remember us ganging up on Darren but he always took it in stride, and the girls were always our little sisters. I can remember my dad telling me how much he cared about you and how glad he was that I had a friend like you. Tyler my mom loved you and was always so happy to see you.

Time went on and you went to GGPD as an Explorer. I remember how happy you were. You would talk for hours about what you were doing and what you had learned. You were always so proud of what you were doing. I remember in 1978 when I went through the academy. I would talk to you and you would always tell me to hang in there that you knew I could make it. When I graduated you were there, giving your support as always. When you went through the academy it was my turn to watch you. As always you went through it stride for stride never complaining and doing a great job. You were so happy when you graduated, and we were so proud.

Time passed and our families grew and as always my friend Tyler was there. I remember the day my mother died. You were there making sure my family and I were OK, making sure we didn't need anything. Then things got worse. I remember calling you to tell you my dad had died. I remember not really knowing what to do or what to say. I also remember my best friend being there beside me. I don't think I ever told you how much that meant to me. All the times you, Rod, Billy, and I went to the desert. I have never laughed so hard or so much (or been so scared) in my life. The four of us always kept in touch and our friendships were always there, brothers. I will always remember when you, Rod and Billy would started those litter snickers. I knew something was about to happen.

Our days together at FullertonAcademyas part of the Tactical Staff. I remember we would talk about who was going to make it and who would not. I remember how proud we were when the ones we knew could do it graduated, and how we thought we had failed when they failed. I remember talking to you a month or so before the accident. We were talking about how many of the
cadets we had have done so well for themselves and how proud that made us. Time again went on and every time I saw or talked to you no mater how long it had been it was like it was yesterday. The times with Doug and Charlynn, the times at Davis Co. or on Lampson will never be forgotten. When you and Susie got married I have never seen you happier. I know how much you both loved each other.

TylerI feel like I was granted a special gift when I was able to talk to you the night of the accident. Standing beside you and knowing how much pain you were in, but listening to you telling me to take care of myself and asking if everyone else was OK. Once again you showed me what kind of a person you were.

Now your pain is over. There are days when I am sad to know that my best friend is not here to talk to. But you will always be here in my heart.Tyler, Thank you for all the times we had together, good and bad, happy and sad.

I am proud to say you are now, have always been and will always be my best friend.

Alex Bancroft
Detective, LHPD


I sit here one month to the day since you left to watch over us trying to make sense of why things happen the way they do. As I read the comments people have left about the impact you made in their lives I am finally starting to understand. I am also left with an overwhelming sense of pride in you. I am proud of you for being an example to the world of what an officer should be. I am proud to have called you "partner". However, I am most proud to have been your friend. I met you while playing softball before I became an officer. While I was not a member of the BPPD family at that time you never hesitated to treat me like a brother. Spending that time with you allowed me to see past your imposing facade. I came to know the playful, chuckling, warm hearted man that you really were. Not only did you treat me like a brother, you showed that same love to my wife and my mother (she loved it when you called her "mom"). The day I was sworn in as aBuena Parkpolice officer you were there wearing your trademark grin from ear to ear. As I was getting ready to go on my first patrol I passed you in the hallway. You grabbed me in that giant bear hug you loved to give and nearly crushed my spine. You told me how proud you were of me and how excited you were that I was now an official member of the BPPD family. Well my friend, it is time for me to tell you how proud I am of you, unfortunately I am at a loss. There are no words to adequately express the way you have impacted my life and the lives of everyone who ever had the fortune of meeting you. A friend once told me don't take anything for granted because you never really appreciate it until it is gone. You were right my friend. I miss you and I love youTyler.


Your Friend,
Bret Carter

Tyler, my friend.  Lee Roy here.  I miss you terribly.  I worked with you for 20 years and enjoyed every moment of it.  I remember your smile, your laughter, oh yes,  your laughter. Sometimes you'd laugh so hard you'd get red in the face, sometimes even choking. You were my "Shell Answer Man" whenever I had a question about guns. There wasn't anything you didn't know about them. You loved your job and everyone around you knew it. I loved playing softball with you, you played with all your heart.

We were all brothers in blue and we have all lost a brother, someone whom we could count on in the darkest, most dangerous hours. Good bye my friend, my pal.

Lee Wheeler,  BPPD Retired  AKA Lee Roy

Tyler was my friend and fellow motor officer. I will miss him. Susie, may God bless you and comfort you. May He shine His face upon you and give you peace. Your family is in my prayers. I pray that God will keep us motor officers safe as we do what we love doing, keeping the streets safer for the people who drive through our cities.

Motor Officer Michael Roach, PlacentiaPD

I’m from Cypressoriginally and my father currently owns a company inBuena Park. I now teach NCIC computer systems to Police in the state ofMaryland. I fell upon your sight by accident of the O.C. Register web site. It’s moving to see such a story about a great protector of our society. We ask why the good ones have to go, we ask why not the evil ones? I believe God calls the best early to help humanity in other ways that can’t be done elsewhere. God Bless your fallen comrade and bless the B.P.P.D.

Michael Werdin –Baltimore,Maryland~ PastCypress&Buena Parkresident.

I have had the pleasure and honor of working and knowingTylerfor his entire law enforcement career with the Buena Park Police Department. The posted memorial comments and stories clearly validate what we have all known and experienced about our brother officer. There is nothing that has been written or said that isn't absolutely true aboutTyler’s character and sincere concern for his fellow man. As Chief Gary Hicken noted during his eulogy, “Tylerwas the real deal.”

Tylerwas everyone's brother, uncle, son, friend and caretaker. If there was a void in anyone's life,Tylerwas quietly there to fill that void, just because he new in his heart he could make a difference. Tylernever expected anything in return, other than some assurance from those he encountered, that he did everything within his power to bring about some comfort, topped with a smile.

 It was withinTyler's nature to be the consummate ambassador of human decency and passion to lend a fellow human being a helping hand or a kind word of support and hope. Tylerpossessed an unyielding drive to give of himself completely to make someone else's circumstance or life a little better, regardless of a persons situation or station in life.

Tylerwas passionate about his position as a police officer, more importantly, a motor officer. In the eyes of some, contact with the police is not always a pleasant experience. Tylernever shied away from his professional responsibilities, and always made those unpleasant experiences positive for those he served. In his 23-year career, I cannot site one complaint about howTylertreated anyone. However, I can site hundreds of comments made formally and informally about howTylermade someone's circumstance or life better and happier. More importantly, all of our children, as well as those in our community, will miss him terribly. The unsolicited comments made by the children who were touched byTylerin some way reflect the impact he has made in their lives.

Tylerwill never be forgotten by those who have benefited from meeting or knowing him. The most significant tribute we can make on his behalf from this time forward is to take it upon ourselves to carry on whatTylerhas begun. As we reflect onTyler's accomplishments, it is clear that he has shown us how to carry on his work. If each individual only applied 10% of whatTylerdid 100% of the time; can you imagine what an impact that would have on those we contact and serve every day?

To Bud and Sally Pinchot, you should be most proud of the contribution your son has bestowed on all of us. To Susie, as I told you personally, “you are a sweetheart.” You were the light of his life and you made him so happy. I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend a little time with all of you. We are all saddened by your loss and will forever keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  We all love you Tyler and we will meet again.

 Bob Chaney - BPPD

Tyler Pinchot a name that seems to kind of get ones attention. I worked with you for many years, but never in the same capacity or assignment. Everything I've read here on this web site and stories I've heard over the years pretty much says it all, and rings so true. May you be with God CORPORAL TYLER PINCHOT and may God be with your wife Susan, your Mom and Dad and the entire family. You were a refreshing individual and a pleasure to have served with.

Dan Flanagan retired 12-31-98

I cleared the station riding my motor on the first day after the funeral. I felt horrible. I felt lonely, sad, and empty to say the least. But, I started thinking of the twenty or so years that I have knownTyler. Though my day didn't get much better, I started smiling.

Tylerwas a great man with a great soul. He had a smile and that something which made people want to be around him. He was also a caring, giving, and selfless man. These are the traits that endeared him to us. I wanted to add to the list of honorable deeds that wereTyler's trademark. This for those who may not have known him because those who did will not be surprised.

He did my family a great favor when my father, a Buena Park Police Officer, was dying of cancer at UCLAHospital. My mother was a wreck. When I could not, he would drive her thirty plus miles in heavy traffic so she could be with him in his last hours.Tyler didn't want her to be rushed on his account so he would leave her and return later in the evening to pick her up. Tylerdid this over a dozen times. He was there to pick up the slack. I tried to show him how much I appreciated him by naming my son, what else, "Tyler."

I was lucky to have known him. I call him my friend and wish we had more time.Tylerwas a caring person. I heard so many more stories during our vigil at UCI over the last several months. I met some family I didn't know. I met Susie and her family. I saw friends that I hadn't seen in years. Though most of all, I saw Tylersuffer and felt helpless. I tried my hardest to prepare myself for the sadness that was coming. It didn't help.

I did want to say thatTyleris in good company now. Some of his close friends went first. For those who are left, we can be comforted that he will be there waiting for us.

Thank you Ty, I will miss you!!!

Dale Shields
Huntington BeachPolice

To the Police family of Corporal Tyler Pinchot,

 As the Assistant Chief of Police for San Diego PD, I offer my sincere condolences. There is nothing that makes all of us feel more vulnerable than the loss of a fellow officer. We stand together in times of danger, and we mourn together in times of loss. I know all of you will rally around and support each other. Tyler's personal family will also experience the strength of the police bond.

Words cannot adequately express my sorrow.

 John Welter
Executive Assistant Chief of Police

Dear Susie, Bud and Sally,

There are no words that can describe the emptiness in my heart.

Almost 20 years ago I was a nervous rookie full of anxiety.Tylersaw me in the hall of the station and with a big smile said "Hi my name isTyler; I'm your Training Officer, welcome aboard." He instantly recognized that I was very nervous. He then started our conversation with a joke to help ease my nerves. We both had a great laugh and from that point on I knew this was going to be a great place to work.

Over the years Tyler and I became very close friends and we worked many assignments together: Patrol, Tactical Officers at the Academy, Motors, Reserve Coordinators and S.W.A.T. We always took our annual camping trips with the "Boys," which made our bond of friendship even closer. Tylerwas truly a "giving" person and was always there to help out his friends, time and time again.

Ty was a very warm person who was unselfish with his time and loved to laugh.Tylerwas with my family when my daughters, Cassie and Jennie, were born. He tried his best to teach my girls their first words of " Diamonds and Ruby's."  Well 18 years later they still call him "Uncle Tyler" and yes, they know the value of Diamonds and Ruby's. Year after year,Tylerwould come with my family on our annual river trips and have a blast riding the Sea-Doos. My family quickly recognizedTyler's caring attitude, loving heart and big smile. He would always greet my family with a kind word, a big smile and a "Bear Hug."  My family will missTylerdearly.

Susie, whenTyler met you he would talk to me how excited he was having met the girl of his dreams. You gaveTylerstrength and he loved you very much.

Tyler, you are one of a kind and I will miss you very much. I am honored to have been able to call you "My Best Friend."

Mike Jones

I first metTylerback in 1988 at the Fullerton Reserve academy. My immediate impression was..."this is a great guy." When I went to work at BPPD as a reserve,Tylerwas always there, making sure that I had everything I needed and offering much needed support. He was always checking with McCay to find out how I was doing. WhenTylerfound out that I was going to quit my day job and put myself through the basic academy, he called and offered to help in any way that he could. When I was hired at Corona P.D. in 1989, Tyler gave me some important advice that has helped carry me halfway through my career. I'll never forget his encouraging words, or his warm smile. I'll see you again somedayTyler. Take good care.

Corona Police Motor Officer Steve Davis

To my adopted family. Aunt Sally & Uncle Bud and Ty's Family. I am deeply sorry for the loss of Ty. I will always remember him leading me and the kids up the hill across from Michael's on the fourth. I always was amazed at his ability to climb that mountain better then the rest of us. I remember him giving the kids a ride on the bike. He was one of the easiest people to talk with I have ever met in my life. We will miss him greatly! My love, thoughts and prayers are with you.


My condolences to the Tyler's family and the BBPD. I had the pleasure of meeting Tylera few times, in the course of single-parenting a child with developmental disabilities. The BBPD helped a lot when I needed it most. Tyler came to my assistance on  a few occasions, once when my son had decided to disappear, and I was about to report him as missing. He was kind, caring and genuinely concerned.

We enjoyed seeingTylerat  BBPD open houses, spending positive time with the officer that had helped us in not so pleasant times before. Thank you for you loving dedication to the community. We thank God for officers like you.

You were a blessing to us. We will miss you.

Lori & Leo Woolston
Buena Park Residents

Many people will walk in and out of your life.....but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

Tyler, you and Bill left the deepest footprints in MY HEART! My heart will always have a special place for of the two of you!!! Ty, you and Bill are together again --- best of friends, brothers, and in peace.

You were an officer, a gentleman, my hero, and my friend. One of the greatest blessings there could ever be, was the blessing of your friendship and the joy it brought to me. I was so lucky to be able to know you and work with you for the last 13 years. I will miss my "709."

May you know and understand the joy you brought to all of us.

I love you and miss you Ty!

 Amy Johnson
AKA Amers

We first met Tylerabout 10 years ago and became friends and have many wonderful memories of this warm and caring man. We usually saw Tylerwhen we went into the station for our regular Tuesday night CAP patrol. He always had a friendly word, story, or a bit of teasing, and that wonderful warm smile of his. We will always remember the pride he demonstrated when showing his motorcycle to some scouts touring the station, never forgetting to mention a word about safety, or demonstrating weapons at an open house.

The pride we felt when he introduced us as "Dad & Mom" at Tip-A-Cop. We will always cherish these memories as well as many others. Tuesday evenings are not the same without hearing "709" on the radio. It has been a real pleasure knowingTylerand we miss him greatly.

Our deepest sympathy to all ofTyler's family.

Wally & Sue Stairs



Hi my name is Caiti Kirk andTylerwas like my uncle...


Tyleryou were my uncle and my Santa Claus, and even though you aren't here you will always be those things to me not matter what.... I love you so much words can't explain...I will always remember how when we would come into the police station you would take us to get our shoes shined and then we would dance around the station with you. I will always remember the way you would make my day just by smiling and winking at me. It meant SO much! I know after my parents got a divorced I never really saw you after that but I was always thinking of even though I couldn't see you or hear you...Just because you're gone doesn't mean you are ever going to stop being my uncle and my Santa Claus. I love you so much and cant wait to see you again sometime...

Love, your niece,
Caiti Kirk




I could never put into words our love, admiration, and respect for you. You've always had a special place in the hearts of my children and me. Although we will miss you Ty, we won't be without you, the positive effect on the lives of those you touched will remain forever. The love that you shared and gave unconditionally, the happiness you always brought to everyone you came in contact with. To those who were not fortunate enough to have known you I would probably say you were the most giving person I've had the honor of knowing; you expected nothing in return but the sheer pleasure of making others happy, a true humanitarian and it's with pride I say "my cousin."

As kids Ty, as well as adults we had some fun times, and played some good jokes that have been fond memories over the years. Thank you Tyler for being the person you were. Harry, Stephanie, Seth, Samantha and I are grateful that God allowed us to have you in our lives; you made us better people for having known you. You made the world a better place.

Your Cousin, Scot Coulson



My deepest sympathies go to Officer Pinchot's family and his extended family, the Buena Park Police Department. 


I had only one contact with Officer Pinchot in May, 2003. He was on duty and happened to stop me for speeding onBeach Blvd. I was enjoying my new SUV that I had just purchased the day before and I admit that I was not paying attention to the speed limit. During this traffic stop, I just happened to mention that I also worked in law enforcement. Officer Pinchot proceeded to put me through the ringer, reading me the riot act, and making sure that I knew how many times my officers had written up members of his department, etc.............then he let me go.


He stated that he "believed in professional courtesy" and requested that I give him the same courtesy by slowing down. He left an impression on me. Enough of an impression that I remembered his name and was deeply saddened to learn of his passing. The Buena Park Police Dept. lost a great officer.


CaliforniaHighway Patrol

Public Safety Dispatcher



Eight years ago I was in the Orange County Sheriff's Academy. Right before the final test, Night Problems, I found out my Field Training Officer was Tyler Pinchot. I did not know him then. During night problems I was the only recruit that had a FTO show up to the event. Tylerfollowed me around to every night problem and waited until the rater would finish with his critique. Then Tylerwould do his own critique. I was very stressed but was glad that Tyler and BPPD thought enough of me to send someone.

During my first week with Tyler I was trying to drive, listen to green channel, listen to red channel, and do everything right.  Tyler sat in the passenger seat and read the Policy and Procedure manual to me. He drove me nuts!!! I laugh about it now because it's all so simple...probably because of Tyler.

I remember how badly he wanted to be a K-9 Officer. We would meet up with Sgt. Mote and Rocky. Tyler would put on the sleeve and take bites from Rocky. During baton training every year he would wear the red man suit and let everyone hit him with batons. I'm sure he got hurt, but never complained and always returned the next year.

Tyler and I shared our stories of heartbreak one day in the report writing room. I was so glad when I heard he found his wife. He deserved to be happy.

I hope that I'll always remember the lessons he taught me as my FTO. I know I'll never forget his kindness and his humor.  He would always say, "I'm going to Glock you up!"

I'll Miss You.

Judy Williams



To Tyler...thank you for everything.
To Tyler's family...thank you for Tyler.

Gary Worrall 



Tyler, you and I met in 1986 at theFullertonPoliceAcademy. I was standing at attention in a suit and tie and you were intimidating in full uniform. Little did I know what was in store for me. Not knowing if I wanted a career in law enforcement or not I thought the academy would help me decide. That first night was a wake up call for kid looking for a job. (I had never run a 440 around an athletic track in a suit and dress shoes at midnight before). But I was hooked. Your powerful words of honor, courage, and service inspired me to continue and pursue a career in law enforcement.


After graduation, we would see each other every 3 or 4 years and "catch up." It was during those conversations that I got to know the real you. The imposing tac officer I had feared was in reality a big teddy bear. I came to know your thoughtfulness, compassion and caring way and admired you even more. Once during our infrequent meetings you told me to call you sometime, and I said that I would.  I am very sad that I let pass an opportunity to spend more time with you.


You have no idea the impression you made on not only my career, but my life. I didn't fully realize it myself until after you were gone. To say you were important to me is an understatement.  I cannot express in words what you meant to me or the grief I feel. Buena Parkwas lucky to have had a man like you.


I miss you Tyler,


Jim De Masi

Whittier Police Department



Dearest Susie, Stephanie, and Scott,


There are absolutely no words I can express, nothing to make it better for you during this time. Just know, that I along with so many, many others, will be here for you, today, tomorrow, and as long as you need us. Please just call, we are all wanting and waiting to help you and the kids as you begin this process of grief.


Whether it be to water the lawn, feed the cats, clean the pool, just anything at all, there are so many who want to help you through this very, very difficult time.


Susie, you are so much likeTyler, you've have been there always for others, yet you never let out a peep when you yourself need something. When I read through the many messages left by all ofTyler's friends, I can see that they too see what I already knew, that you are just as caring of an individual as he was. The fact that you two found each other, and were so truly happy as husband and wife is a miracle, a beautiful miracle at that.


Reading all these letters, I feel the warmth that describes you Susie, exactly. So much of what they write ofTyler, pertains to exactly how you are. You are a cherished friend by so many, I have always felt so fortunate to have met you and had you in part of my life. Things you have said, and done, for me over the 11 years I have known you, have changed the way I think and feel about so much of life. You have no idea.


Its unbelievable, how could there be two such great human beings put on this great earth as you and Tyler.


Today, I went out to visitTyler's grave, no one else around, just me, and this beautiful site of all the wonderful tokens of love from his family and friends laying upon him. The sky was blue, there was a gentle breeze in the tree next to him. I stood there and thanked him for loving you, and being a part of your life. I told him how happy you have seemed since he married you. The both of you, with that wonderful glow of true happiness together.


I had brought two beautiful red roses from my garden and lay them atop the mass of tokens of love and promised him I would try my best to be the friend to you, that you have been to me. You have  always been the better friend to almost everyone who knows you. Now, let me be there for you.


I want you also to know that yes, I was there atTyler's beautiful service, so overwhelming was the entire memorial services at the church. My daughter Tracy was able to come along with me, and, as she had wanted to do she was able to wear her uniform to the service. I know she will take away from this event feelings that she will never share with me, but  feelings that I know will help her become a better police officer with the L.A.P.D.


I wish so much I had gotten to knowTylerbetter, I regret so much now that I did not try and see you more often.


It is wonderful to know that Stephanie and Scott were able to share their lives withTyleras he became their step-father. I am sure they also were able to learn so much by being a part of his life, just like so many others.


God Bless you Susie Pinchot, I love you. 

Your friend, Kay Millhorn



Yesterday I watched and cried with many others as we said good bye to our friend, Tyler. Yet at the same time my mind drifted away, thinking of the many memories he has left with my family. Tyler, you are the only man I know who is courageous enough to pick up and hold a crying, three week old baby and actually be able to put our son, Aaron to sleep. I will truly miss the "Tyler Stories" as Mike would say. I can only thank you for making him laugh and joking with him all the time.  I know you are in good hands and may you be at peace.


To the BPPD; Thank you for the support you have given Mike and myself. As most of you know, Mike was one of the last persons to speak withTyler. I thank god that it was him and not a stranger. I knowTylerthanks him to. I am very grateful and proud to know that my husband works with so many caring and kind people. 



JulieAnn Lovchik



I've knownTylersince 1980 when I first became a Reserve Officer here atBuena Park. It was 1982 when I went full time and really got to knowTyler.  He always had a silly joke and I always gave him a courtesy laugh. Sometimes he came up with a real funny joke, and I would just tell him "that wasn't funny". I did that to mess with him. Somehow he and I got into calling each other Mr. Alex and I would call him Mr. Tyler. I will miss Mr. Tyler.


I didn't spend much time withTylerduring off duty time and I didn't go camping and shooting with him. But I always considered him my friend. We would meet in the field and talk about me starting over again as a new dad, and I would try and talk him in to it. He just laughed and would shake his head.


I remember last Sept. he and I would go over to Brookhurst Tow and visit our wrecked personal trucks that Charlie was working on. Tylertook pictures of the progress Charlie was making and Tyler and I would laugh and make jokes.


I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to know Mr. Tyler. I know that I took him for granted like most of us here at work probably take each other for granted. I thinkTylerleft us with a hard lesson learned.


Love ya Bro.......  Alex Holguin





I sit here, with tears streaming down my face, at the grief we all share as we each, personally, say goodbye to a wonderful man, and great friend. Knowing you was a highlight in my life. I loved so much about you...your smile, the fun-loving spirit you had, your sense of humor, your love of mankind, your professionalism; I could go on and on.Tyler, you taught me so much. I still find it hard to believe you're gone, and that I won't see you coming into Records, wanting to have us run someone for you....and regaling us with your jokes as you wait for the information. God-speed, my friend.


Thanks for the memories....the little things you did for me. The love you showed all of us. My heart goes out to Susie, your family, and your extended family. They will always be part of OUR family. God Bless them....and give them comfort.


Sitting there at the cathedral yesterday, I could feel your presence. You would have loved all the motors who honored you in the procession. I could see you and Bill sitting on the edge of a cloud, with both of your legs dangling over the edge. Bill saying to you, "Holy cow, Ty! Look - at all that is going on down there for you"....and you reply with this sense of awe....

"I can't believe  they are going to all that trouble just for me!" are worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tyler....we love you and will always miss you, terribly. 


Robin Nugent



Tyler, the services are over and flowers are fading. I’m sitting in my office thinking about the one man who probably had more impact on my adult life than anyone. I was honored to serve as a pallbearer on final leg of your journey and fold the American flag that so vividly represented you and how you lived your life.

When I first met you 16 years ago, I was a scared recruit at thePoliceAcademy. You were a “Tac Officer” who put the fear of God into me, molded me, and led by example. You showed us what being police professional was about. I’ll never forget the day near the end of the academy that you announced it was “Day one - week one” all over again. You see, we were getting a bit cocky; thinking the worst of the academy was over. You saw the need to “tune us up” and re-earn our place. We felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when you shook our hands and patted us on the back at graduation, earning the right to call you “partner.”


You handed me an application forBuena Parkand told me to list you as a reference. I couldn’t believe you would do that for me. That was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted 16 years and forever changed my life.


I thought strongly about working elsewhere, but was drawn to the Buena Park Police family, because of people like you. You loved to call me “Ernie” (for Ernie Banks the Chicago Cubs shortstop).


I vividly remember a day in June 1989 when Randy Lutz, a mutual friend of ours, was killed. Randy was a Riverside County Sheriff motor officer, also struck while on his bike. Out of anger, you hit a pole behind the station so badly with your PR-24, it nearly snapped. That was the only time I ever saw you lash out at anything, even when others here kept you down or spit in your face. You faced some major personal challenges in your life. Few people would have stuck it out like you did, and had the strength to keep going.


Your determination and unrequited love for others was finally rewarded when you met Susie. Anyone close could see how much in love you were. I was so proud to see you spend more time at home, instead of here, because of her. I absolutely love and admire Susie; her strength and character is unmatched. I promise you brother, that she will never feel forgotten.  You are blessed with a wonderful family that cares and loves one another.


I’ll never forget the fun we had camping. The pain we shared taking care of Bill Mentzer in his final months. The gun shows we walked miles and miles through. The time you sewed me a special SWAT vest, because they were all too big. The times you were my big brother, when I had none. The pistol matches and Police Games. The "Good Year Bad Shot Award" you made for me when I accidentally shot a detective car.


Tyler, thanks for the hundreds of pictures over the years. Thanks (I think) for all the SWAT equipment. I’m still trying to find a place to store the military snow suits, artic sleeping bags, gloves, helmets and other assorted things you got for me. As always, you wanted us to be prepared. Thanks for being there when I had problems; you told me to never to quit, even when the journey seemed too tough.


As luck would have it, I was your supervisor for your last “temporary” loan to patrol. I may have been the Sergeant on paper, but I always felt strange to supervise the guy who got me a job here. You were the one who earned the respect, not me. We talked about you staying in patrol, but you wanted to be back on a bike. It was your true love, and it showed.


God bless my friend; go in peace. You are loved by many. You have earned your spot in heaven.

Jim Banks



Dear Officer Tyler ,


Our hearts go out to your family. We only met and talked to you 3 times and it was when you stopped our grandson on his go-ped. You walked with him to our house. My grandson walking his go-ped and you walking your motorcycle. When we saw that, I said oh my god, what did he do now. You came and told us how important the safety of a child was to you.


Thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful officer. It also made our grandson think about all the things you told him and us.


God bless you and your family.
Tony & Beckie




As Bill Mentzer said, "Life without Ty is no life at all. The smile on his face will make all the blues go away." That is what Bill told me. I know that things will be hard but we will have each other to lean on. Ty was blessed with such a loving family, I am glad to get to know them. If there is anything I could do for them PLEASE call or e-mail me or

God bless





I have known you for forty years, ever since we moved in across the street from you inGarden Grove. We had wonderful times growing up together and every day seemed like a new and exciting adventure. Throughout all the years a common theme kept playing in my mind.  That theme was that I was blessed to have a friend such as you. You have done so many wonderful things for me through the years we have had together. The most wonderful was introducing me to my wife, Connie (Miller) Lombardo, Wally and Brenda’s daughter.


When I think of your love for me and for all the others that you have touched every day of your life, I can’t help thinking about how God’s words were truly reflected in your life. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in
evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). The chapter goes on to say. “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face”.Tyler, I know you are in heaven and you now see the Lord face to face. Tyler, thank you for loving me.


Your friend for eternity.

John Lombardo



Dear PreciousTyler,


How can I ever thank you for your gift of friendship? You were forever faithful and you were the big brother I always wished I had. I am so glad that you were a part of my life. You will always be. If it weren’t for you I would not have met John, my darling husband and your childhood friend. And you loved our children like they were your flesh and blood. You were their Uncle Tyler. They loved you too (how could they not?).


If only we knew how short our time with you was going to be. When we moved toNorthern Calif.almost 10 years ago, we had great intentions of getting back down here and seeing you often. But life got busy and we did not spend the time with you that we now wish we had. The great thing about it was you seemed to understand.


I am so glad that you and Susie had each other. It was so good to know you were happy. Thank you for bringing her into our lives too. Now I have another sister because of you.


You have taught me some very valuable lessons,Tyler, some things that I will try to remember for the rest of my days. You valued people. You treasured relationships. You lived your life as though every moment might be your last and you were sure to let people know how much they meant to you. And you took lots of pictures! Most of all, you had a quiet, steady faith in the Lord above which carried you through many difficult as well as numerous joyful moments. Thank you for all of these things,Tyler. They are lessons I needed to learn and to live out. You were a great example to us all.


Farewell, my “big brother” and friend. I know we will meet again, and I look forward to that day.


Love always,

Your “sis”,
Connie Lombardo



I metTylerin January 1981 when I hired on at Buena Park PD. I hired on as a Community Service Officer.Tylerwas a new officer, not quite off probation, if I remember right.Tylerwas always there to help with anything anyone needed. He took me and many others on ride-a-longs, showed us the "ropes" and became a real friend on and off duty. He was an inspiration to everyone.Tylerwas a building block to my career as a law enforcement officer.


Tylerwill truly be missed.


Brian Mehlbrech




I had the honor of attending the services forTylertoday. I also talked with various other people attending. I did not knowTylerand, from the eulogies and comments from different people, I believe that is my loss. Everyone I spoke with had the same two things to say 1) what a tragic loss his passing was and 2) the eulogies were not embellished. I wish I'd knownTyler. My second reason for writing is this - you at the Buena Park Police Department did a wonderful and respectful job paying tribute to your friend Tyler. You can be very proud. Lastly, I know a little about losing a friend - since my appointment as Fire Chief for the OCFA, I've given nine eulogies and done my best to care for those left behind. If there is anything your friends at OCFA can do to assist you; know that we stand ready to do so.


Chip Prather, Fire Chief, OrangeCountyFireAuthority.



Tyler, (Aka: Ralph)

I will miss you my friend. From the time we met atOrangeHigh School, it was great to be counted as one of your “adopted” brothers, thank you Mr. & Mrs. Pinchot and family. I remember a quiet kid, okay, if only for a moment, with a great smile who was not afraid to use it. We spent many days taking pictures for the school newspaper and yearbook. It is no surprise you became the unofficial photographer at BPPD. Always the optimist and prankster, you could be counted upon for a kind, uplifting word and of course there many high school escapades…… I still wonder, after all these years, if those cheerleaders ever got over their visit from the Phantom of Orange High, you looked good in the cape. Or, if the janitor will ever forget, or forgive, the mannequin in the swimming pool incident. It has been a long time since high school and the years have gone by quickly, however, our friendship is one of the highlights. I will miss your smile, your hugs, & your laughter. I will see you again in heaven.


Jim (Aka: Herbie)Taylor





Tears that I shed today are not in sorrow. Tears that form at your memory are from joy. Joy that I saw in your smile, joy in your eyes as you saw me smile and joy that I feel knowing you are in your deserved place with our Savior.


Thanks for making me feel welcome when I came to BPPD, thanks for welcoming my wife and dressing her up in full SWAT gear. Thanks for always asking about my children. Thanks for always reminding me to cherish them while they are young. Thanks for inspiring me with your determination. Thanks for slipping photos of me into my mailbox. Thanks for really silly jokes and the most boyish, fun loving grin I have ever seen on an adult. Thanks for saving me with a warm hat on a freezing camping trip. Most of all, thank you for touching the lives of so many of us with your unselfish warmth and friendship.


As we celebrate your presence in our life, I am comforted that you now celebrate eternal life, a life where your happiness is magnified and your Heavenly Father forever smiles upon you. I will see you soon my friend.


Jerry Von Gries





Today you will be laid to rest.

The powers that be have taken an angel that once walked among us.

Your eyes shone with a powerful soul that was too good for this earth.

We have been graced with your presence and you will remain in our hearts forever.

I will keep you close in my heart and hope that we will meet again one day.



Stacey Pelton



My heart goes out to the Pinchot family. I metTylerin 1983 while attending theFullertonReserveAcademy. His patience helped me get through it. I've been an L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy for almost 20 years. It was your guidance that helped me achieve this. Thank youTyler.

Detective Joe Villanueva
L.A.County Sheriff's Department



To all of Tyler's friends and loved ones,


My name is Terry Watkins and I am Ty's cousin in Florida. The service will be starting soon and it saddens me deeply that I can't be there. Since the accident Tylerhas been in my thoughts and prayers, as have all of you. What I remember most from childhood is every week, the call to (or from) California was mostly about Tyler and his antics, with the adults rolling their eyes in fake exasperation, he brought so much joy and love even then. We lived so far apart and it is unfortunate that we did not have much time together, but I have wonderful video and photos of when I did get to see him. I will miss the cards he always sent me (with cats on them, of course!) and he always enclosed photos so I could share in his life. Through all of your memories I now know what I've always known, Tyler Pinchot is a great man with the capacity to love like no other. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Tyler, I will see you in a found penny, a graceful butterfly swirling around me, or a gentle breeze
on my cheek. You touched so many lives and soothed so many hearts, I'll be looking forward to my bear hug when we meet again. I love you cousin.


God Bless You.

   The world has lost
a warm and loving person

who made a difference every day,

Yet all those seeds of love
so gently planted
leave blossoms that will never
fade away...




My name is Lawrence I. Temple and I am employed by the City ofRancho   Cucamongaas the Director of Administrative Services.


I was a sworn police officer for the Buena Park Police Department from 1978 to 1982. I am honored to have known Tyler Pinchot. He was genuinely a friendly man, great team player, and a man who wanted to make a difference on behalf of the citizens he sought to protect in the community.  


It is always a great sadness and tragedy when the loving, strong, and good among us are taken, but we are better off for having known how wonderfulTylerwas and to have fellowshipped with him in the journey of life. God bless Tyler and all the other police officers, support staff, and members of the Buena Park Police Department.Tylerwill remain in my prayers.



My husband and I learned aboutTylerthrough our close friend Mike at Checkered Flagg Pizza. Although I never met him, I feel as though it was part of our family. My husband and I were among the honored riders that rode to pay our respects on September 24, 2003. I loved him as a person and only wished I could have met in in person, but I know that he is a very special man who was extremely love and will be missed much more than words can say. Our love and prayers go out to his family.


Dennis & Michelle Neal

Buena Park,CA



To the family of Corporal Tyler Pinchot and the Buena Park P.D. I met Tylerin 1987 when I was a Reserve Police Officer, Tylerwas one of my training officers after Officer Alex Holguin. Tylerwas a good officer, kind and helpful to me in a new beginning of police work. He had me working with him during a couple of SWAT trainings and on a SWAT warrant. When I
worked there I sawTyler as a GOOD PERSON just in the one year that I worked there. I am very sorry to hear of your loss ofTyler. If I can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to ask. My prayers are with you and the department. May God bless you.


Det. Al Brown
Inglewood Police Dept.



My deepests sympathies go out to Corporal Pinchot's family and the Buena Park Police Department. I never met Corporal Pinchot, but as I read the many stories and personal accounts of his life, I surely wish I had. He was obviously a man that can never be replaced. Buena Park Police Department as an organization, should also be recognized for this outstanding tribute it has put together in memory of Corporal Pinchot's personal and professional life. This tribute speaks volumes about the the
individuals who make up the Buena Park Police Department. The Citizens of Buena Park should feel honored to have been protected by a man such as Corporal Pinchot and in the future by his brother and sister officers. God Bless.


Sergeant Sean Burke (LASD)




I first met Tyler while attending the BPPD Citizen Police Academy. He seemed to just materialize in the Training Room. With his friendly attitude and that warm smile of his he made me feel truly welcome, and not a civilian interloper. He was there at the class graduation with his camera taking much appreciated photos. Then when I became a CAP Volunteer again Tyler was around seeing I got it right, and not getting into trouble. His method was friendly persuasion, a little humor, and that golden smile of his.

I can remember his patience at the department open house with the children. Getting them on his motor and coaching a smile out of the for that just right photo. He was an ambassador of good will for the department especially with the children.

My regret is that I knew him for such a short time.

Don Piantoni
BPPD CAP Volunteer



I have knownTylerfor over ten years. We met when my wife worked for BPPD as a dispatcher. As many have said, he was a good officer, a good friend, but more importantly he was a great human being.


Tylermade me, like many others, feel right at home at the station or any other function. He treated me like a member of his family, which to a large degree was the Buena Park Police Department. He would always ask how you were and what you were up to, and you knew he really did care to know. He was always upbeat, encouraging and complementary. As the chief said.Tyler was "the real deal".


I have three children with whom I have many pictures (taken byTylerof course) and memories of them enjoying the POA's children's Christmas parties. A fixture at those parties was Tyler, both as the photographer of record and as Santa. He really did touch many, many lives. We are lucky to have known him and to call him a friend. You will be missedTyler, thank you for everything.


David S. Barr, Jr.

Reserve Police Officer

Seal Beach Police Department




I remember the first day I had to report to the station to meet with you; my squad leader. That was nearly thirteen years ago. You gave me a tour of the station and found me an old used bulletproof vest in the "stink room." You tried to be mean, because that's how rookies were treated. But as we talked your fun loving personality showed through. You helped me get through those first few months at BPPD. I remember how you would call me at home just to see how I was doing or if I needed anything. That was just the kind of dude you were.

We became friends and worked many shifts together. If there was one thing I learned from you it is how to treat people with respect, no matter who they are.

As I got to know you through the years I could tell when you were up to something. That grin on your face would always give you away. I will forever miss your fun loving attitude and the way you could put a smile on my face. Thank you, Tyler for being there and just doing the little things that help so much. The smile you always had on your face and the jokes you would tell. Some were worse than Bill's.

After I told my kids about the accident, they were very concerned. They would ask me how you were doing often. I remember the first time you showed them your motor. Sean loved it. He was three at the time. Madison wanted no part of it. She was only one. I think what they remember most is you as Santa Claus for all those years. Of course they never knew it was you.

Thank you for making my life and that of my family a little happier. You were always there at a moments notice for everyone. The world has lost someone very special. You were a "GOOD DUDE."

Your friend,
Brian McConnell




I don't know what to say, I can't believe you're gone. I was out of town when I learned that you were gone, and my heart is broken. You were a great friend and a great man.

My last memory of you will always be your smiling face and a "Hello Scotty" every time we passed. I worked with you for the past 8 years, and you were always there for me. When I went through tough times, you always knew what to say, and how to make me smile. You were a great man, and I miss you.

You have touched the lives of many people, and many families. Every time I brought my wife to the station you were there to give her a smile and a hug. You always told me to be good to her, and told me that you would hurt me if I wasn't. You touched the life of my daughter more than you could ever know, and all it took was a ride on your motor. I wish that my sons could have had a chance to meet you and to get their turn too.

My mind is racing right now, through all of the memories with you. Like the time we were coming home from the softball tournament in Lake Tahoe. I took a corner too fast, and your 1/4 ton camera bag fell on you. We all thought that you had broken a rib, but you just laughed. Then the time that you went down on you motor in La Habra. I don't think I have ever driven that fast before. I have too many memories to write here, but I will not forget any of them.

I can honestly say that I loved you Tyler. I will make sure that I tell my sons about you. You were a model of what a cop should be, and more importantly a model of what a man should be. You had the biggest heart I have ever encountered. I will miss you Ty.

Say hi to Bill for me. Someday I will be there too.

Gods speed Ty,

Scott Manning



My name is Dale Meyers, I was a Police Explorer for B.P.P.D. Post 474 from 1975 to 1980. I had the GREAT pleasure of knowing three of the best police officers Buena Park P.D. ever had. They are Bill Mentzer who introduced me to Tyler Pinchot and Rod Ballard. I cant believe you guys are gone. Bill taught me to shoot, I road along with both of you many times. I metTylerhis first year at the department. He was a kind hearted truly caring officer. All three of you should of been here much longer. I love you guys and will miss you. I know you're up in heaven together. My prayers to you and your families.


The Meyers Family.





I thought I should add to the list of wonderful things you have done for myself and my family. Nicholas wrote to you here, in his own words, about how he felt losing you. When I read his words, it brought tears to my eyes that my 8 year old had written it. He adored you and your motorcycle.


I still remember the first department inspection I attended 8 years ago.Elizabethdressed Nicholas in the miniature police uniform as a 2 month old. I took a lot of flack for it, but you were the wonderful man you were and took some great pictures of him. I don't know who took more pictures between you and Elizabeth. The two of you always struggling to get the next shot, whether it was the kids or the guys playing softball. The two of you developed a great friendship because of it and have traded pictures back and forth for the past nine years.


As others have said, you calmed the fears of children. My sons are no longer fearful of motorcycles, and you gave them the joy of being your friend. I can still see their giant smiles riding with you around the parking lot. You were a big man with an even bigger HEART. I thank you again for being our family's friend.


Just to let you know,  Nicholas decided to wear his police uniform in honor of you tomorrow as we send you off to a better place to watch over all of us here on earth. I am saddened you were called to God's side, but he could not have picked a better man for the job. I wish everyone was like you, because the world would be a better place for all. 


You were always there when I needed a friend and never hesitated to offer your assistance when I was working late.



Thank you my FRIEND! Now relax, knowing that you have touched the hearts of many people and brought such big smiles to so many children.


Tonight, while at your viewing Nathan, our 4 year old, saw you and said, " Daddy, I wishTylerwould get awake. I miss him." When I was laying with him to go to sleep, he said, "Daddy I am not crying anymore, but I am still very sad. CanTylerplease come back." I had to explain to him that you are now in heaven watching over him.


He just lost his Great Grandmother, "Mommy Bowles", a year ago. Nathan said, "Daddy, isTylergoing to help Mommy Bowles in Heaven?" I told himTylerwas, then he fell asleep on my shoulder.


Thank you for being the man you were. God has Blessed you and I know you are at peace.


Goodnight My Friend.


Shawn Morgan



I think it was 1979 when I was first introduced toTylerby Doug Miller. I was working at theLong   BeachPolicePistolRangeat the time. Tylerwas just a kid like me. He had just begun working at some small Police Department inOrangeCountythat was somewhere near Knott’s Berry Farm. Man, that was a shiny star of a badge he had in that case when he ID’d himself as a Policeman. The grin on his face looked just like the one on the ID card.


Years later, Tyler and I worked together at Davis Co, a police equipment distributor.Tylerworked there part time to get a discount on toys and I’m sure every paycheck he got went right back into the register.Tylerloved being a "Policeman." When he tried to get on SWAT, the big dogs told him he had to show interest by washing the SWAT van. It was never cleaner.


What a sense of humor he had. He carried a copy of a traffic citation he had issued to his mother in his posse box. How can you argue with a motor cop who wrote his own mother a ticket he said.


He was always in good spirits, and I never heard him complain except for when the Department switched from the star to a shield. I have to admit that was an ugly ass badge.


Tylerwould give you the shirt off his back if you needed one.


As the years when by, I would seeTylerfrom time to time. There were the parties at the Miller house, theLos Angelesriots, Nixon’s funeral, theLaguna Beachfire and a little incident we had in Little Saigon. But that was back in the 1900’s.


I have to admit it’s been a few years since I last talked withTyler. The day after the accident, I saw the photo in the Times and the story. By the photo it didn’t look that bad and I thought to myself “Tylergot bumped” I’ll have to go see him and give him a bad time about falling off his horse. A few days later I got a call and was told of how seriousTyler's injuries were.


If you went to seeTylerat any time over the past 100 days you have probably seen either his wife, Susie, or Charlynn Miller. They have been there every day. Hundreds of others have visited.Tylerhas touched more lives then anyone will ever know, if you didn’t likeTyleryou didn’t know him.


T.V. Turner
Senior Police Officer, Retired
Westminster Police Department



From what you have already read aboutTyler, you can tell that he was a special guy who touched a lot of lives. A big guy with an even bigger heart.


Tylerliked to tinker with things. If your flashlight was broken, he could fix it and probably had the needed part in his locker. He was always taking photographs, and if he took a photo with you in it, there was a print in your mailbox a couple days later. He did it without being asked and never wanted to be paid for it. One of these days I'll put that big box of photos I have into a scrapbook and I'll think ofTylerwhenever I look at that scrapbook.


When I started at Buena Park PD as a reserve officer, Tylerwas one of the first officers I met. In fact, the first thing I did in uniform was work a security detail for a high school football game with Tyler. It's hard to believe that was twenty years ago. Tylerhelped me out when I decided to become a full time officer. He said that he liked to see people achieve their dreams.
Tyler's dream was to be a motor officer. He worked hard for it and got it. Tyler was on the SWAT team for a number of years. Back in the old days, our team mostly used military surplus and other hand me down items. We had this old beat up truck andTyler was in charge of it. Sometimes the brakes went out and we often said thatTyler should get the medal of valor for driving it.


Tylerwas one of those people who symbolized BPPD. Going on from here will be difficult for all of us, but we'll do it. He'll still be there, watching over us all.


Kris Bisbing, BPPD



My husband is a police officer at BPPD. The first time I brought our daughter Lauren to the station to visit her Dad we ran intoTyler(as everyone with a child at the station seems to do). Lauren was a little afraid of the motorcycle because she was worried it would be loud. So, of course,Tylerpromptly got off the bike and turned it off. At first Lauren just looked at the bike but withTyler's gentleness and patience before we knew it Lauren was riding the bike and pushing all the buttons. It was all we could do to get her off. Now seven, Lauren still remembers her ride withTyler. I am saddened that our two younger boys and all of the other BPPD kids won't have that experience.


Our family is blessed to have known the man who always had time to touch someone's life. His actions may have seemed small and insignificant to him but the impact upon myself and Lauren was far reaching and will never be forgotten. I can only hope thatTylerknows that he made a difference- a big difference- to so many.


"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." Maybe God needed another angel to help pour out the rain.


God Bless You Tyler,
Stephanie Manning



To The Pinchot Family & Extended families:

My deepest sympathy to you and your families in the passing of such a wonderful person. Even though I only metTyler a few years ago, it was truly an honor when Deron and Michael introduced me to him. It was not until today's service, I learned that I had the privilege of knowing a true hero in many facets of his short life.


Lynne Tomita



My prayers are with you during this time of sorrow. The Lord has calledTylerhome to the Light of His Everlasting Love. May God comfort the family and friends that are left behind.


Marilyn Jay



Wow, how do I even begin this...Tyler, YOU my friend are and always will be the GOOD GUY. You were always there for others. You did this without fanfare, out of love, care or just the right thing to do. You were there for me over some real rough times in my life for which I am eternally grateful. I look over all these stories and thoughts written of you and what I see are words that draw a picture of you.


You and Susie were so perfect together. I thank God (and your mom) for you two crossing paths and uniting as one together.


My greatest joy with you was our annual camping trips with Bill, Rod and the guys.....There will be a deep void without you three but the trips will go on. Oh, while you three drink up endless glasses of ice tea or hot chocolate around the campfire and tell some tall tales about the rest of us down here, I ask that you save a spot but, don't expect me anytime soon.


Thank you Tylerfor touching my life and being my friend. You fought a good fight. So now go rest in God's arms.

I love and miss you,
Mike Quam



He was a man with strength

He was a man with compassion

He was here to serve

In his chosen profession.


He lifted your spirits

With that smile on his face

He never left you down

Never wore a frown.


His heart exceeded the usual size

His love knew no boundaries

And when he was asked to assist

He replied with a yes, yes, yes.


We will miss you, Ty

Our love goes with you

We remain your friends and

We will see you again.


Patrol those streets in Heaven

Show them what you got

Cause we know your greatness

But we will miss you a lot!


God bless you, Tyler!






I cannot tell you how much knowing you for the past 23 years has enriched my life. You have repeatedly taught me about the unselfishness and compassion one human being should give to another and I have always admired you for always doing just that. Every day that I saw you at the station, you greeted me with a smile, a hello and usually a joke or funny story that cheered me up even when I was down. I thank you for that.


I remember the day you and I were to pick Rottweiler puppies from Chief Hicken's litter. Although I had first pick, you jumped the gun and fell in love with the fat, fuzzy one. I thank God that I chose another pup and let you have "Bear" as the two of you became quite a pair as he grew into a behemoth of a dog. When the two big brothers died within months of one another, you and I shared our grief in losing close friends. We will play with Bear and Damien one day again, you and I.


I thank you for all the nice things you did for me over the years that I never asked you to do, like help carry a ton of bricks into my backyard; and work on my guns; and to build our very first SWAT vehicle, an ugly old UPS truck you named "Cecil" and loved until it was towed away, replaced by the new vehicle.


Tyler, you were a good man, a good son to Bud and Sally, a good friend to all of us, husband to Susie, father to your step children, and, so important to you, you were a good cop. I have entrusted my life to you several times, as did over 80,000 residents ofBuena Park. You will be missed greatly, but you will never be forgotten.


Captain Mike Schwartz
Buena Park PD





Wally and I have been so blessed to have know you for these 23 years. You were just a young rookie when you started coming by our office, and occasionally our home for short visits. You became so dear to us both, we felt like you could have been the son we never had. We became "Mom & Dad" to you, and you were "our Son."


On one of you visits to our home, you brought your best childhood friend, John Lombardo with you. John was very taken by our daughter, Connie. But she was engaged at the time to a young Italian fellow that worked for us. You told John not to get excited, because Connie was taken. A few months later, however, when Connie’s engagement broke up, you called her and asked her if she would like to go to the movies. When you showed up, however, you brought John with you. A couple of days later you came to our office, for a short visit. You asked me what I thought about John, and I said: "He’s a nice boy." And you replied: "How do you really feel about John, because he is crazy about Connie." I replied, "Oh,Tyler! Not another Italian!" and you responded: "But he’s a really nice Italian, Mom!" and he was and is. A couple of months later, John asked Wally for Connie’s hand in marriage. Now, over twenty years later, all four of Connie and John’s children refer to you as "Uncle Tyler."


Through the years, we were so proud of your advancements at the police department. We tried to attend whenever you were honored by the department for your outstanding contribution. You were always so gracious and never failed to introduce us as "Mom and Dad" to your friends and family. We were very happy when we met Susie, and you seemed to be happier than ever before since we met you. Susie was such a perfect match for you, she is sweet and pretty, smart, and loyal. We were so happy for you and honored to be invited to your wedding last year.


Last February 14, 2003, Valentine’s Day, I was sitting in the waiting room atWestAnaheimMemorialHospital, waiting for Wally’s doctor to perform a very delicate surgery to his heart, when you walked in and gave me a hug and a "Hi Mom!" You sat with me for the entire time Wally was in surgery, to give me comfort. When the doctor came in, you introduced your self as Wally’s son. The doctor, seeing your stature, looked at you with wide eyes, and exclaimed, "OH!!???" You were there for Wally every day after his surgery, dropped by the house to check on us, to see if we needed anything. That effort was so in keeping with the quiet way that you offered yourself to us and so many other people. You didn’t seek the limelight, you were quiet, gentle, and true blue.


We, like your "other" family will miss you terribly. No one else could ever fill your big boots! One additional gift you gave us and all who love you, is your lovely wife, Susie. We have come to love her, just as we love you. During the past three months, you have been the source of love and joy to so many people. We witnessed so many loving acts between people who were previously strangers, but will be forever friends and family. You gave this last gift to us all. We love you always.


Brenda Miller



Tyler: Early in your first year with the Department, you adopted Brenda and me as “Mom” and “Dad”. You didn’t care that I was “just a reserve”, you treated me like you treated everybody else in the department and in the city—with love and friendship.


One Sunday, many years ago, you came by our house with a ride-along, a young man who had been your best friend while you were growing up. You introduced him to our youngest daughter, Connie. Your friend, John, within a year became our son- in-law, and he and Connie now have four children, all of whom call you “Uncle Tyler”. The oldest was given your middle name, Matthew.


When Matthew was about 3½ years old, we took him to Silverado Days and showed him your motorcycle. Matthew screamed and refused to let us seat him on the bike so you could take a picture! He was crying as I carried him away, and said to me, “Grandpa, motorcycles are very, very dangerous !” I told you about that and you replied, “Don’t worry, Dad, I’m careful.”


All the things you did in life and around the department, without ever asking for or expecting any recognition. Most everybody had a picture of you as Santa with their child or children on your lap. You were the only one who would willingly don the very hot and heavy “McGruff, the Crime Fighting Dog” costume. All of us, from time to time, would have an envelope show up in our mail box containing pictures you took of us doing something. Never a note saying “This is fromTyler,” we just had to know it came from you.


You took the unwanted tasks, such as driving “Cecil” the old, ungainly SWAT van. You did the necessary things, such as armorer and rangemaster. You put on the protective pads and masks and let us beat you up for baton training. But, mostly, you were just there for all of us, to give an encouraging word, a friendly hug, or any assistance we needed.


It’s not just that you were a wonderful person, you were also an excellent cop. A few months ago I was in a pursuit in which the suspect turned his big Ford pickup around and rammed my unit, deploying the airbag. His truck bounced off and became wedged between a tree an a parked car. I drew down on him and commanded him out of the truck. He ignored me and kept trying to drive the truck forward or back to break it free. Larry Hainley arrived, and the guy ignored him, too! I knew I was in deep trouble. Then, I felt a hand on my left shoulder, as you pulled me back, said, “Step back, Dad” and charged forward with your Asp. You broke out the driver’s door window, shut off the engine, and prepared to assist the driver out the window.
Unfortunately, he still had his seat belt on and you and Phil Dascenzi had to unlock and open the door before the driver could exit.


OK, so I guess we should expect that of any good cop who had your skills and presence of mind. But, in recent years you repeatedly offered to come to our house to stay with Brenda’s ailing mother so Brenda and I could get out for a while. I don’t expect that type of selfless offer from a cop, or even a very dear friend. But, coming from you, it didn’t surprise me one bit.


Tyler, thank you for having been such a dear part of our lives for the past 23 years. Till I cross over to the other side, and we can go 10-8 together again, I LOVE YOU!


Wally Miller



For Tyler

Every night as I lay in bed,
I pray for your family & friends
and the tears they shed.

I think about how proud they all must have been
to have been blessed to have known and loved such a "Special Man."

There is a Santa this we all know
He lives on in the man who had a heart of gold.

Now an Angel in the sky must leave his Place Of Rest,
Gently tucking his wings beneath his Armored Vest.
For Duty Has Called, and there is much work to do
Little did he know, This one would be Dressed In Blue.
God please take care of our "Special Friend" until we all meet again...


With Love,
Regina & TheBerry Family



I had the fortunate opportunity to work withTylerfor the past six years. We worked a few shifts together as beat partners and it was comforting to know thatTylerwas nearby. Tyleralways went out of his way to smile and make someone feel comfortable. At one point, I was an advisor for the BPPD Explorer post and it was not uncommon to seeTylerhanging out in the back of the room smiling and making funny faces at the kids, advisors and anyone else around. Tylergraciously donated his time to help the post with range instruction and even drove to Laughlin during the annual competition, just to help referee volleyball.


Although we never became close friends by most people's definition, I always had respect and admiration forTyler. I never had the opportunity to thank Tyler for always going out of his way to say hello and sit and talk with my wife when she made one of her few visits to the department. It was said in a movie one time, "What we do in life, echoes in eternity." If that holds true,Tylerhas rocked this world with his voice!


God Bless you Tyler and family, I will see you again.
Ian Anderson



Our family would like to express our gratitude and our condolences to the Pinchot family. Our gratitude because you "lent" Officer Pinchot to us so he could help keep us safe. He gave all he had and thought of us first. As an officer for the Orange County Sheriff Department, I am inspired by Officer's Pinchot unselfish spirit and it motivates me to give my all every day. God bless and comfort you.


Officer Cynthia Guerrero, OCSD



We are sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers are with your family. May God comfort you during this time of need. God bless you all


Benda Family



Our prayers are with you and your family through this hard time.

The Alvarez Family



We would like to extend our heart felt condolences to the loved ones and friends who have been left behind by this upstanding young man, and officer of the law. May he be remembered as the hero he was by all those he was sworn to protect and serve, and never be forgotten. May our loving Heavenly Father send His Comforting Spirit to be withTyler's family and friends in their time of sorrow, and to sustain them with His Love in their hour of need. We send our thoughts of love and sympathy, and our prayers for his dear wife and children.


The Gordon Family





I have always looked up to you, from the very first time we met in theFullertonCollegeReserveAcademyin 1988. Thanks for the "ride along." I will never forget several things about the Academy, like your favorite expression when it was time to do pushups; "Diamonds." I will never forget when you made me carry that ridiculous can around the academy, and gave me the nickname "Joe Friday." I will always remember the LAPD badge keychain you gave me with the number 714, Joe Friday's number. You made a stressful time for me bearable.


You were a good friend that could always, I mean always, be counted on, even if I did not see you for a while. I will always remember you.


Thanks for the memories.

Bob Thomas
RetiredCorona Police Officer



Dear Pinchot Family,


My name is Joshua Thomas and I'm one of the Emergency Medical Technicians from Care Ambulance that was on scene the day this tragic event occurred. I can't express to you enough how deeply sorry I am for your terrible loss. Just by reading the biography onTylerbrings me so much closer to him and from reading all the letters and stories about him makes me smile knowing he was such a great person. I just wanted to let you know that my prayers never stopped and they never will. God bless you all, and you all will be in my prayers.



Josh Thomas, EMT




I cannot sit here and bring to mind words that express just how much you have meant to me over the last 20 years of my life. Not only have you been one of my dad's close friends for over 35 years, but as I grew were always there to make sure I stayed out of trouble. I have always considered you to be like a second father to me. I remember when you used to walk "Bear" over to my house...I was so scared of him being that he was a dog and stood bigger than me. But as I warmed up to him, he was just a big, friendly, and loving teddy bear...a spitting imagine of his daddy!


I remember when you used to come by my house and take my brother and me for rides on your motorcycle up and down the street. I could never get enough of it. When I was in high school, I got my first and only ticket-"jaywalking." You gave me such a hard time...even more than my own parents did; But it was out of humor and love. After high school, I actually was given the opportunity to work with you. Ever since the first day I was hired at Buena Park, you were always there to make sure I was safe and to make sure everyone treated me good. I still cannot sit here and grasp the fact that you will not be at work tomorrow morning.


No one will ever compare to the person you are and the loving impact you have made on not only my life, but anyone who has ever had even the smallest of blessing to know you. You loved your job and adored your family. That is theTylerI have had the honor of knowing. You will always be endlessly loved and remembered by all who knew you.


May you be at peaceful rest in God's arms. I miss you so much!
Michelle Whiteside



On Sunday (09-21), we had our 10th annual fallen officer ride. Needless to say, this ride had very special meaning. Buena Park Officer Tyler Pichot passed away today right in the middle of our event.Tylerwas in a coma for quite some time before the good lord called him. I think thatTylerknew that we were pulling together for his recovery and somehow hung on until this event.Tyler, I know you were watching over your brother officers as we came together for this grand event. I want to say thank you for hanging in there and also for your many years of service you gave to the community. You will be missed but you will not be forgotten.


Rich Maradiaga,LASD/ Choirboys LEMC L.A. chapter president



Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.....


My friend, how very much you will be missed. I only wish you knew how many people you have touched over your short time on this earth. God must have needed someone to organize heaven, as well as you organized the SWAT armory or even Cecil!!! You have traded in your traffic wings for angel's wings and will forever be with us. I will forever expect to see you, rounding the corner of the back counter, cite book in hand and always equipped with your secret weapon - your smile.


If anyone ever asks, I know the answer to a very important question and the answer is, "Yes, Tyler, there is a Santa, and it was you!!!"


Thanks for the memories my friend, we will miss you forever.


Robin Sells



Tyler, my friend.


I have known Tylerfor over 20 years. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on THE MOST CARING MAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN.


When I was a young boy (9 years old), I was fortunate enough to meetTyler. Through my years as a Police Explorer, a Community Service Officer & eventually a Police Officer,Tylerwas there for me and my family.


I will forever remember the times thatTylerplayed softball with the departments team. Tylerwould play with more heart, more energy and more dedication than any other player on those teams. For those who were there, you know what I mean! Even after Tylerrepeatedly tore his hamstrings, he would still play....Not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Tylerwould run down that first base line in agony and when he got on base, we would be so proud of him!


Tylerfilled in one night as my FTO (Field Training Officer). It was in 1997. A night when the department's Christmas Party was going on. It was a very cold and rainy night. Tylerknew that my FTO would want to go to the party so he volunteered to train me that night.


As a new cop, I wanted to stop everything that moved. On that night, I did just that. It was the year of "El Nino" and it was raining so hard that we couldn't even see out of the windshield. I decided to stop a car which was being driven by an unlicensed driver. We eventually towed the car. The thing that touched me that night was the fact thatTylerstood outside of our police car in the heavy rain so that way I could finish the report. It only took me 45 minutes to write the report and for the tow truck to arrive! PoorTylerwas soaked.....When Tyler got back into the police car, he just looked at me, smiled (with that famous smile) and said to me, "good stop!"


When I left the department in 2001, Tyler came up to me, gave me a hug, cried & told me that he was sorry that I was leaving.....He told me that I was his friend & that I was like a son to him.


Tyler, I miss you my friend....I miss your smile and caring ways towards everyone, especially my family.


Thank you for being my friend Tyler. I will forever remember you. 

Jason Parsons



Tyler, you will be missed!


My family and I are some of the fortunate people to have hadTylerin our lives. I metTyleryears ago through my brother who is an officer for Fullerton PD and one ofTyler’s close friends. My nephews have always knownTyleras “Uncle Ty”. My daughter always thought ofTyleras a “Big Teddy Bear”. He was always at our family gatherings and we always had a lot of fun and a lot of wonderful conversations.


Tylerhad a heart that was bigger than anything. One of the many memories ofTylerwas when my brother was working traffic a few years back, and was involved in an accident on his way to work and thrown from his motorcycle.Tyler, working forBuena Park, was right there at the hospital giving my brother a “hard time” and at home too, helping him recuperate. Since my brother was supposed to be on vacation, painting his house, and had been called in to work when his accident occurred,Tylerrounded up the some of the officers at Fullerton PD to drive toCoronato paint my brother’s house for him. The officers showed up and did a fantastic job! Tylercouldn’t make it, but was always on the phone keeping tabs!


When Ty met Susie, he glowed! They were meant to be together and we embraced Susie and family into ours. There are so many wonderful things to say about Ty, that a few words could never cover. He and Susie have been wonderful friends to my brother and his family. God Bless you Tyler! You have touched so many people.


Susie, our love and prayers are with you.


Tammy (Persons) Andersen and Morgan



I was one of the fortunate people that was touched by Tyler Pinchot, as were many others. I was also blessed enough to call him a friend over the past thirteen years we worked together.Tylernot only made me a better person but he made this world a better place. We are worse off without him but better for having known him. I will miss my friend but the true loss is for those who had yet to have met him.


God speed my friend, I will miss you!


Greg Pelton



Dear Pinchot Family,


My name is Theresa Furman and my mom is a dispatcher forBuena Park. I am a mother of three small kids whose lives were touched byTyler. My son Shane is four and a half and sometimes is afraid of his own shadow.


One day while visiting their Grandma they metTyler. Tylersomehow convinced Shane to take a ride on his motorcycle. At first Shane was very reluctant to hop on but after seeing his sister having so much fun he decided to give it a whirl. As Shane got ontoTyler's bike he transformed into a child that was not at all afraid. I don't know whose smile was bigger, Tyler's or Shane's. After the rides on the motorcycleTylertook a ton of pictures of Aubree and Shane on his bike. (Colby was too small to take a ride and too scared to even sit on the bike.)Tylerthen went into the station and printed up the pictures.


When we left that day all my kids could talk about wasTyler. When we got home they went straight to their drawing table and drewTylersome pictures. When my mom gave the pictures toTylershe said he seemed a little uncomfortable. I know he probably did not know why two small kids would draw him pictures. InTyler's eyes what he did was just in a days work. To my kids, he had made their day. For me, he had taken my son and taught him that if you try something new, no matter how scary it may be, you might have one of the best times of your life. After Shane took his ride all he asked for was a "police motorcycle likeTyler's." He got his motorcycle for his birthday. He now chases his big sister and little brother, Colby, through the sidewalks ofLong Beachwriting them tickets like his friend Tyler.


After hearing aboutTyler's accident my kids inquired about how he was doing all the time. At dinner each night when we would pray, Shane never forgot to mentionTyler. He would ask God "to make him better." Even my two year old would so innocently sayTyler's name and then say Amen.


When I pulledTyler's picture up on the website, Shane said "There's my friend Tyler." I want my kids to remember the big burly motor cop with the heart of gold and the smile that went from ear to ear.


Shane cried himself to sleep Sunday night after his Dad explained thatTylerwas in heaven, looking down on us.Tylernever knew how much of an impact he had on that little boy and his mom.


The reason I posted this on the website is so that people who don't knowTylerwill know the kind of person he was. I believe there are people who come into your life and, I believe there are people who come into your heart.Tylercame into our hearts and that's where he will remain. My four and a half year old said it the best, "I'm gonna miss my friend Tyler."


The Furman Family will forever missTylera.k.a. Santa Claus



A message toTyler's Family;


To his parents and siblings; Thank you for creating such a loving and caring home to grow up in, that gave us such a wonderful person asTylerwas. The love, care and concern he had for others must have been modeled from the wonderful environment he came from. His respect for life and true giving Christian spirit was the foundation he was given in your home full of love.


To Susie; Thank you for bringing joy and love toTyler's life and giving him a home and family to return to every day. Thank you for your devotion and strength that you demonstrated every day since the accident and beyond. Your good character, class and Christian spirit has been a light in this dark time for all of us to gather around and get encouragement from. You are an amazing person, God knew what he was doing when he brought you intoTyler's life, to be there for us all when he calledTylerhome. 


I only had to privilege to knowTylerfor a year and a half. During the short time I knewTyler, I came to feel I could call him a friend. He always knew how to lift me up when I was down. He recognized the pain I was in from a recent divorce, having walked in my shoes himself. He would know when a serious talk was needed or a joke or a prank was needed instead. He told me to let him know if I ever needed anything, he wanted me to know that someone cared. I knew I could count on him if it was work related or personal. I never really called him on his promise but it gave me comfort knowing I could if I needed to.


I will miss him as will all his family here at the police department. But he will live on is our memories, our photos and our hearts. I can go on knowing my special angel is watching over me from above. I have joy in my heart with the knowledge that I will seeTyleragain one day.  


May God bless you, keep you wrapped in his loving arms and bring peace to your hearts with his love and promise of everlasting life with him.


Beth Sellers



Dear Tyler,

                        I have so many memories of you, all of them wonderful. You touched my life and my family's life in so many ways…ways that I am not sure that you even know you have. You have been a part of my career from the very beginning: as my Tactical Officer through the academy, as my Squad Advisor when I joined the Buena Park Police Department and as my mentor when I entered the traffic bureau. Through it all, you became my friend. And once, while I was in the midst of a personal hardship, you hugged me. While others offered their advice, their ear and their sympathy, you simply hugged me. And that is something that I will never forget you for.

Thank you Tyler. You made me a better man by knowing you. I am but one of the thousands of people you shined your light upon and the world is a better place because of you.

To the reader: You will read many wonderful things about Tyler on the pages of this fitting tribute and all of them are true. Tyler Pinchot is a mountain of a man and a true cop with a heart as big as the universe and compassion as deep as the ocean.

Ride on Tyler, for even in heaven it's "all roads, all codes."

With Love,
Rudy Gatto and the Gatto Family



I was Volunteer with the Department from 1994 to 2002 and one of the first officers I met was Tyler, what a great person and and a excellent officer he was. The one story about Tylerthat stands out about our friendship is the time my wife Lorraineand I were driving the support van on The Baker to Vegas run and Lorrainewas giving out water and things and I was driving. When Tyler's turn to run came up he wanted to make sure Lorrainegave him water. When the time came for the water Lorrainehad changed spots in the van so someone else handed Tylerhis water.

From that day on every time some one new joined the dept. Tyler would bring them by Lorraine's desk and introduced he by saying "she did not give me water."

Tyler, we will miss your smile, friendship and humor, but most of all we will miss you.

Larry andLorraine Van Pelt



Thank you Tyler, for being my friend.

Thank you for your gentleness, as well as your strength. Thank you for helping me through my loss, as I helped you through yours. You were always willing to listen. So much time goes by and as old friends we've known, go through our minds, we always wonder how they are, always hope that they are doing well. Such was the case between us. I was confident that you were happy because you'd found love when you found Susie. You were riding motorcycles again and were happy doing that. So I allowed time to slip by. I feel so sad that you aren't here anymore. It isn't supposed to be this way. You are too young. It doesn't feel real, yet logic tells me it is. I feel sorry that I never told you how highly I esteemed you. I just assumed you knew it, maybe I was too embarrassed to verbalize it. You lived your life with high morals and were a great example to those around you. You were always strong, cheerful, and playful. Sometimes you were sentimental, worried, or sorrowful. You were always a friend to anyone who needed you. Even if it disrupted your own plans, you never said a word. There is a hole in our world because you are not in it. There is a sweetness missing. You are a fine man, a fine officer, a wonderful friend. Thank you for being that kind of friend to me.

My condolences to Tyler's parents and family, to Susie and your children. I know that there are no words to describe the depth of loss you feel. Nothing can be said that will make it hurt any less. He loves you. I say that not in past tense because Tyler goes on, as well as does his love. You are right, he is no longer imprisoned by the cumbersome body and pain that held him down for the last three months. He is now free.

I also send condolences to the Buena Park Police Dept. and all of its employees. I am so sorry for your loss. You, who know Tyler, will miss him terribly. His committed spirit, his laughter, expecting him to walk around the corner any minute, and when he doesn't, you will feel your heart sink. I'll bet if you listen very carefully, you will know he is there on the next Baker to Vegas Run, leaving everyone in the dust. Thank you for the wonderful tribute you are giving to this fine man.

Tyler, I will never forget you my friend, I will hold you in my heart and will always be grateful that I was one of the privileged and the very proud to know Tyler Matthew Pinchot. I will miss you..........Until we meet again.............


Your friend,

Camille DePoy


To My BuddyTyler

My heart is heavy as I sit here trying to write something that truly epitomizes the person you were. You were an inspiration to a very naive woman who came to work at BPPD 22 years ago. I was in awe of how comfortable and important you made me feel working there. Many officers thought civilians in law enforcement were not really part of the "law enforcement family"; however, you made me feel very important. So important, in fact, that you always made sure you were available for the many "fluff" assignments that came out of the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit. You became my "Officer Friendly" and even came in to the station to do a visitation at one of our local schools on your own time. I often wondered how many other cops would be so giving of their own time.

You never minded going with me to Speech andLanguageDevelopmentCenter andHopeSchool where you befriended so many "handicapped children." And then there is the Special Olympics........... you always being the first to sign up for the Torch Run and the Tip A Cop program. In true form, you ran the Torch Run harder and with more dedication than any other member of our department. Tip A Cop was always great with you working along side the servers. I heard many servers say that they wished you could help them every night of the year.

Oh, and Cole Wilson....... the little 2 year old cancer victim. You and he became special "buddies" when you gave him a ride around the department on your motorcycle. Then at every Open House you and I would fight over who got to hold Cole first. Well, Tyler, Cole is now a healthy 12 year old who holds you very close to his heart.

If there was one thing I will always remember you by it will be the time you had a broken ankle and were assigned light duty in my Unit. You had your foot in a cast and told me that you would race me to dispatch and back for a dollar. You even gave me a head start. Well, I thought that would be the easiest dollar I ever made, so I ran to dispatch and back while you hobbled along. When you finally finished I held out my hand and asked for a dollar. You told me that I owed you the dollar cause you said you would race me to dispatch and back, not beat me. Wow, you got me good!!

Rest in peace my good friend. I will always remember you.
Sharon Reynolds 



I had the honor of knowing and working withTylerduring my 11 years as the Chief of Police of the Buena Park Police Department. Tylerwas a good man who cared about people and epitomized all that is good about law enforcement officers. Whether he was going about his law enforcement responsibilities or being a friend he always could be counted on to do the right thing. He wanted to help people and make the world and City ofBuena Parka better place. He could be enforcing traffic laws, saving someone from jumping from a freeway bridge, rescuing kittens, taking care of SWAT gear, running Baker to Vegas, helping create special awards for his peers, reaching out to children or just being a friend and helping someone out, Tylerwas there. He loved the men and women who are the Buena Park Police Department and I know they love him.


A true testimony to the wayTylerlived his life is how people have been impacted by his passing. His goodness, integrity and compassion are how I will always rememberTyler. The prayers of my wife, Marilyn and I are with Susie, her children, Tyler's parents, brother's and sister's and their families during this difficult time.


We are all better people because of Tyler Pinchot. God speed my friend until we meet again, 



Richard M. Tefank

Buena Park PD

Chief of Police, Retired



I did not have the honor of knowing Officer Pinchot however I know his wife Susie and I know that the day she married him was one of the happiest and proudest days of her life. Everybody that looked at her could see the joy that radiated from her very core because of him. When I walked into her office today and saw the memorial that her co-workers had put together, my heart just broke. It broke for Susie and her children. It broke for his parents and it broke for all of the people that he touched every day of his life.


This website shows what a tremendous man he was and how he impacted this community in so many wonderful ways. It is a true testament to Officer Pinchot and his family.


Susie if you read this, please know that you and your family are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers as you carry your way through this sad time.



Stephanie Rodriguez (Riker)



Hi, my name is Nicholas Morgan. My dad Shawn worked withTylersince 1994. I wanted to tell you thatTylerhas been one of my best friends at the Buena Park Station. 


Tylerwas a good man. I will miss him terribly.


He started taking care of me and teaching me about being a policeman when I was just a baby. Tylerwould hold me and talk with me. He would take me around the parking lot on his motorcycle. He even let me turn on the siren. Tylertook lots of pictures of me at the BPPD softball games.


I will miss my big buddy Tyler.



Nicholas Morgan



I just received the very sad news of Tyler Pinchot's passing. When I was 15 years old, I was urged by Tylerto become an Explorer with the department. After being accepted to the BPPD Explorer Post, I was taught the importance of responsibility, dedication and perseverance by Officer Pinchot. The lessons that I learned from Officer Pinchot are lessons that have made me the person I am today. This man would do ANYTHING  for anyone that was in need of help or assistance. A man likeTyler simply could not be replaced. He was one in a million.


Tyler, I know that you have already been introduced to Bud Cate up above. I thank you for being there for me. Godspeed my friend.


Respectfully sent with a heavy heart,

Chris Costanza, son of retired Buena Park Police Officer, Louis Costanza (I.D. #143)



I am an Orange County Police Officer and would like to send my deepest sympathy to your department and the family of Corporal Tyler Pinchot. I did not knowTylermyself but what I have read and heard he was a true hero.


I would like to commend your department on the memorial you have created forTyleron your department web page. It is like no other I have seen. It says a lot about your department and employees. Because of this web page, photographs and bio, anyone viewing it will see Corporal Pinchot not just as another fallen law enforcement officer, but also as a real person and as a true hero.


I would be proud to work for a department like yours. 

Tim Martin